Bones Barbers Sponsor

Hereford Stampede are proud to announce our newest sponsor for 2018.

Bones Barbers of St Owens Street, Hereford have been suppling Herefordshire chaps with fresh cuts since 2016.

They approached us to help support the team in its growth phase and have now have a beautiful banner proudly on display at our home venue.

Haygrove Sponsor

Hereford Stampede are proud to announce Haygrove as our sponsor for the 2018 associate season.

Haygrove are partnered with ECHO to help lift the Eaton Barn site. Hereford Stampede sent some players down to Eaton Barn Community Garden to help with a couple of their outdoor projects.

Eaton Barn Community Garden is run by registered charity ECHO for Extra Choices in Herefordshire. The garden is a key site for ECHO to deliver horticultural activities and experiences for up to eight people with learning disabilities each day. #footballisfamily

Beefy Boys Sponsor

It’s is with great pleasure that we can now announce The Beefy Boys will be our kit sponsor for the 2018 season!!! 🍔🏈

We are extremely excited to be teaming up with The Beefy Boys, Herefords #1 place to eat.

Beefy Boys Stated –

Happy New Year from all the team here at Beefy Boys – 2018 you’re on notice!

We’re pretty excited to announce that we are teaming up with and sponsoring the awesome Hereford Stampede – American Football Club They are currently rising through the ranks to be a fully accredited BAFA team and are heading for a place in the national league in 2019!

They also have a recruitment day 21st January so if you want in on the action tag a mate who might be keen, get over to their page and give them a like for more info, or email

1st game is in March…

Finally, watch this space for collaborations and MEATY giveaways from us and the Stampede team very soon!